Third International Seminar on Program Verification, Automated Debugging and Symbolic Computation

July 17-18, 2014   ·   Vienna, Austria

Accepted Papers

Farn Wang, Pin Hsiuan Chen and Wen-Hong Chiang. Automatic App Testing of LTL Properties
Alexander Letichevsky, Oleksandr Letychevskyi, Vladimir Peschanenko and Thomas Weigert. New predicate transformer for symbolic modeling
Xiaoyu Chen and Jie Luo. RCK: A Software Toolkit for R-calculus
Jie Luo and Wei Li. A Model Theory for R-calculus without Cut
Dongchen Jiang. The Verification of Conversion Algorithms between Finite Automata
Hao Huang, Fangmin Song, Zhengjiang Qian, Kangjie Li, Jiang Chen, Shuiwang Guan and Wei Huang. VTOS: A Finite State Machine Model of OS and Formalized Verification of Its Microkernel
George Stergiopoulos, Panagiotis Katsaros and Dimitris Gritzalis. Source code profiling and classification for automated detection of logical errors
Kristjan Liiva, Grant Passmore and Paul Jackson. A note on real quantifier elimination by virtual term substitution of unbounded degree
Xiaomei Hou, Mengxiang Lin and Tahir Jameel. A hybrid path constraint solver combined with meta-heuristic search
Wei Li. An Attempt to Formalize Popper's Logic of Scientific Discovery
Sandra Alves, Besik Dundua, Mario Florido and Temur Kutsia. Confluence of Pattern-Based Calculi with Finitary Matching
Jens Knoop, Laura Kovacs and Jakob Zwirchmayr. Successfully Coping with Scalability of Symbolic Analysis in Timing Analysis
Isabela Dramnesc. Synthesis of Algorithms on Sets Represented as Monotone Lists
Stefan Ciobaca, Dorel Lucanu, Vlad Rusu and Grigore Rosu. Programming Language Aggregation with Applications in Equivalence Checking
Sorin Stratulat. Building explicit induction schemas for cyclic induction reasoning
Jakob Praher. Symbolic Problem Solving With Bidirectional Executable Representations